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SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. Put simply, search engines such as Google and Bing use a number of algorithms and data to give websites a position within search engine results. To rank well in search engine results is task that takes time and is constantly ongoing. Search engines are constantly changing and updating their algorithms. However there are a few key areas to focus on which will help a site rank well. These include: having good, original content for users to interact with; having a web site that is free from errors and a site that is optimised to work on mobile devices, over half of all Google searches are now carried out on a mobile or tablet. Google sometimes penalises sites which do not meet its requirements – which means they will drop in search rankings. 

We use specialist analytics software to collect data on site traffic, keyword tracking, social media tracking, competitor tracking and much more. Our access to this powerful software means we can make accurate recommendations for how to improve your site.

When we undertake an SEO campaign we write weekly reports for you which are simple to understand and use graphs and charts to explain how your site is performing. 

Paid Search

Google Adwords is one of the best and most popular ways to advertise online. It allows businesses to set their advertising budget and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

Google displays its Adwords across all platforms it owns: Google Search results, Youtube, and even in-app adds on mobile. This means your ad can reach a large number of potential customers. The benefit of Adwords is the ability to chose your audience and keywords. For example, you can run Adwords campaign for ‘Mobile Phone Cases’ and you can make sure your advert only appears to people within a certain distance of your store, or people of a certain age, demographic, etc. Adwords has a massive number of features that can be beneficial to all businesses.

We are experienced are running successful Adwords campaigns and can provide regular reports to show how your ads are performing and the impact they are having on traffic, and conversions on your site.

Social Media Consulting and Advertising

Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become one of the best and easiest ways to grow your online presence and brand. As well as drive traffic to your site and making conversions (EG: a purchase on your site). 

The beauty of Social Media means it is free to advertise your brand online. However, sites like Facebook have extremely powerful advertising tools which can target your exact audience and grow your Social Media page, or send traffic to your site.

Our Social Media consulting means we analyse your current Social Media pages, and look for areas to improve or certain types of content to create, or topics to post about. Having users interact with your Social Media channels will grow your brand and drive traffic to your site, which in turn increases your conversions, be they purchases, enquiries or sign ups.

We are also able to set up and manage Social Media advertising campaigns, as mentioned, Social Media advertising means you can target your exact audience. And similarly to Google Adwords, you set your budget and your campaign is set to never run over budget. Advertising on Social Media is very powerful due to the amount of information users give to Social Networks.

We can provide reports on how your adverts and pages are performing and make recommendations to improve your page to improve your brand awareness and site traffic.

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